1.Don’t fold underwear : It usually doesn’t matter if your underwear is wrinkeled,so put it in the drawer without folding it

2.Buy one type of casual socks : Get a pack of dozen sports socks all the same style,and stop maching and folding socks when you put them in the drawer.

3.Buy iron-free shirts and slacks : Hang them up as you pull them out of your washer and never iron a shirt or pair of khkis again

4.Have tools where you need them :  Have a clothing rod,hangers,air-dry rack,waist-high folding table,clean hampers to hold folded clothes,a box or bin for clothes you wish to donate to charity.

5.Own fewer clothes : You can’t have Mt.Laundry if your wardrobe isn’t large enough to create a mountain of dirty clothes..if you don’t have room to store all your clothes,you’re more likely to have stuff lounging in hampers becouse you can’t put it away.

6.Wear fewer clothes : As long as they are relatively clean,you don’t have to wash your jeans every time you wear them.Outerwear,like sweatshirts and suit jackets.Except for underwear,socks,and T-shirts,you may be able to wear a piece of clothing tow or three times before it needs to be cleaned.

7.Use smaller hampers : You’re more willing to skip doing laundry if your hamper isn’t full.A smaller hamper will get quickly,so you’re less likely to skip this chore.

8.Be inspired : If you’re looking for ideas on how to make your laundry areas more welcoming.

9.Make laundry fun : Play music while everyone puts away their clean clothes.Put in load of wash and then go for walk or exercise in your favorite way for the duration of the cycle.Put clothes away during the commercial breaks of your favorite television show.

10.Create a laundry supply kit : if you don’t have a washer and/or dryer in your place,make it even easier to cart your supplies back and forth to laundromat.Pack all your supplies into an easy-to-carry case,like a shower caddy or house-cleaning supply caddy.

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