1.WHITE VINEGAR It stinks,but it’s inexpensive and often does a better job than the nonstinky products on the market.crack a window while you work and the smell will quickly dissipate.A mixture of ½ cup white vinegar and 1 gallon water will clean your wood,linoleum,and no-wax vinyl floors.The same mixture also makes a streakless window cleaner.

2.BAKING SODA An opened box of baking soda absorbs bad smells in your refrigerator by neutralizing odors.After it has been in there for a couple of months,you can switch it out for a new box and use the old one as a cleaner.Instead of spending hours scrubbing a pot or pan to remove stuck-on food residue,bring a few inches of water and a couple of tablespoons of baking soda to a rolling boil,turn off the heat,and let teh liquide cool in the pan.A light scrubbing with a sponge will easily remove whatever the baking soda didn’t dissolve.

3.BOILING WATER If food is stuck on any surface- a plate,a pan,your stovetop,the counter,a glass tabletop-boiling water can be a simple first step to a cleaning project.Carefully pour enough boiling water on the mess to just cover it,wait a few mintes for the water to cool,and then wipe it up with a sponge.You’ll be surprised at how often boiling water will completely take care of the mess.

4.OLIVE OIL If you have solid wood cabinets in your kitchen,a mixture of 2 parts olive oil to a part lemon juice makes a nice natural cleaner and wood polish for your cabinet doors.Rub it in,let it soak for 10 minutes,and then buff away any excess oil with a clean cloth.

5.PLAIN YOGURT If you have solid brass anywhere in your kitchen,a dollop of plain yogurt (be sure it doesn’t contain flavors or sweeteners of any kind) is great for removing tarnish.Rub it on with a clean cloth and then wipe it off with a seconde clean cloth.If you’re nervous about using it the first time,try it out on a small,inconspicuous location to see the magical results.

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